UPDATE: 1200+ Studies Affirm Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen
THE most promising ANTI-aging
supplement on the market

the most promising preventative
aging supplement on the market
BOOST Your Health with Hydrogen Water
Watch video to learn why you should supplement daily with Hydrogen Rich Water
  • Combat Oxidative Stress: Molecular Hydrogen has shown to regulate the redox status of our cells leading to beneficial levels of oxygen species and antioxidants while getting rid of the harmful oxidative stress
  • Enhance Athletic Performance: improve every aspect of sport training & performance
  • Neuroprotective: Hydrogen studies have shown to help protect against long term deterioration in our brain
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Fight The Big 3
Hydrogen has been shown to indirectly mitigate effects of the BIG 3 issues
leading to virtually all diseases & the driving forces in why we get older and die.
When your body is overrun by free radicals, your cells suffer oxidative stress. Free radicals come from normal metabolic processes, and from breaking down substances like food and alcohol.

Cells, proteins, and DNA are all damaged by oxidative stress, contributing to premature aging, diseases like metabolic syndrome, and debilitating neurological conditions.
When your body is sick or injured, immune cells produce excess inflammation to fight invading germs. Even though it's meant to heal, inflammation can damage healthy cells.

Hydrogen has been shown to down-regulate the production of tiny proteins, called "cytokines", that tell our bodies to make excess inflammation.
Insulin resistance is usually prompted by low exercise, a diet high in calories, and even poor sleep habits.

Hydrogen studies have shown the ability to improve glucose metabolism, increasing insulin sensitivity in humans and animals. Hydrogen has the potential to moderate risks associated with metabolic syndrome.
You may be asking yourself, 
"If Molecular Hydrogen is so great, why haven't I heard of it?"
Or maybe you've heard about Hydrogen, but you're wondering about all the hype?

Well, the reason is simple... Research started just 12 years ago, after a team of Japanese researchers discovered that inhaled hydrogen gas could act as an antioxidant and protect the brain from free radicals. 

Since Molecular Hydrogen was first discovered, its effects have been researched in 65 publications in humans and have shown to benefit in over 170 disease models.

While most early research has been conducted in Europe and Asia, research and commercialization of Molecular Hydrogen is just getting started in North America. 
As the Hydrogen Water movement gains momentum, many people are still confused about which Hydrogen delivery method produces optimum results. 

Since the Japanese discovery, inhalation of hydrogen gas has been the primary way to supplement your body with hydrogen. However, research has shown that hydrogen dissolved in water is effective with 1/100th the dose of H2 gas inhalation! Not only that, hydrogen water shows results in some scenarios where inhalation had no effect. 

Drinking hydrogen water is by far the most practical and effective way to infuse your whole body with hydrogen.
In just 12 years of research, there have been over 1200 scientific articles published describing the health benefits of various methods of hydrogen consumption. Already there are 65 human trials testing hydrogen as a therapeutic agent, primarily through hydrogen infused water. Hydrogen water has shown to benefit over 170 disease models, throughout every organ in the body.

Our Hydrogen Water formula is CLINICALLY VALIDATED. Below is a list of some of the health benefits you may experience drinking hydrogen water*: 
  • Antioxidant & Brain Protective Effects: hydrogen helps protect cells from damage by reducing oxidative stress.
  • Weight Loss: Hydrogen water has been shown to boost burning fats and calories for energy to help reduce body fat
  • Enhance Mood: Hydrogen water the potential for improving depression or other mood disorders 
  • Athletic Performance: Research has shown to boost energy, decrease exhaustion and muscle recovery.
  • Insulin Sensitivity: Although research is very limited, drinking hydrogen water has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.   
  • Longevity: Hydrogen water may help reduce oxidative stress and cellular aging
Watch Video: How Molecular Hydrogen can help combat Oxidative Stress
Not ALL Hydrogen Water technologies work
Many assume that all methods of making hydrogen water are equal... WRONG!

Hydrogen water technologies vary dramatically in the resulting concentration of H2 gas found in the water. Many marketers (including us) will cite "PPM" (parts per million) to demonstrate just how much hydrogen is created. While we make sure to mention the volume of water we're measuring, many sellers fail to disclose this information. 

Without knowing the dosage, it can be difficult to conclude whether we're actually receiving a therapeutic dosage of hydrogen water. 

While hydrogen water concentrations are not regulated by the US Government, the Japanese consumer affairs department has already evaluated 19 hydrogen water products and warned the public of low levels of molecular hydrogen in many consumer products. 
A Clinically Validated Solution
 To Create Hydrogen Water
Rejuvenation Hydrogen Tablets by DrinkHRW
What began as a passion project – solely for personal use and to share with close friends and family – has snowballed to nearly 2,000 tests and formula adjustments to create...
The world's first open-cup hydrogen water tablet, developed by our very own founder, Alex Tarnava. 
Drink HRWs Rejuvenation delivers the highest dosage and concentration of hydrogen water in the world. We have even established new dietary ingredient status from the FDA. 

The DrinkHRW H2 Tablet
  • Drop a tablet in any open container filled with 12-16oz of water.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes until the tablet has completely dissolved.
  • Drink up!
Fill open cup with 12-16oz of fresh drinking water. Drop one tablet of Rejuvenation into open cup. Tablet reacts to water. 
Watch as the tablet reacts, creating an almost perfectly straight line of hydrogen infused water.
During this process, the reaction is creating millions of nano-bubbles filled with hydrogen.
This image shows a fully formed cloud, dense with H2 gas. Your glass of hydrogen rich water is ready to drink!
Rejuvenation H2 tablets are a patent-pending formulation process that maximizes the reaction and dissolution kinetics for both creating molecular hydrogen, but more importantly keeping it in to deliver the highest concentrations of hydrogen-rich water on the market

✔️ Reduces Oxidative Stress
✔️ Neuroprotective
✔️ Increases Athletic Capacity
✔️ Supports Healthy Balance in our Redox
✔️ Supports a Healthy Inflammatory Response
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